Updated: 7/6/2017

VHS VCR Support Policy VHS VCR Support Policy


Where's my VCR?
Due to the decline of the VHS format, the Media Center will not be installing VHS VCRs in new or upgraded classrooms. This initiative began with the opening of Science Hall in Fall 2012.

Are VCRs being pulled from all classrooms?
The Media Center is not removing VHS VCRs in pre-existing classrooms and will continue to support these devices. Installed units that malfunction will be replaced as long as our inventory of suitable replacement VCRs lasts. Older classrooms that are upgraded, however, will have their VCRs removed.

Why not install VCRs?
Major electronics manufacturers have ended their production of VHS VCRs. Funai Electric, the last company to manufacture VCRs, has stopped production as of August 2016. While a small number of manufacturers still produce DVD/VCR combo units, support for the almost 40 year format has dwindled significantly. Competing formats (first DVD, then Blu-ray, followed by online video) and the move from standard definition video (480i) to high definition video (720p, 1080i, and 1080p) have assisted in the decline of VHS.

Additionally, surveys conducted by the Media Center have shown a drastic decrease in the use of VHS tapes by our faculty in the classroom, which further supports the decision to end installation of VCRs.

Media Center Classroom Technology Survey Findings
Year Number of Faculty Using VHS
2009 53 out of 109 (49%)
2014 18 out of 106 (17%)
2017 15 out of 115 (13%)

What I should do with my VHS tapes?
The Media Center encourages faculty and staff to move away from the VHS format. DVD playback will continue to be supported in the classroom and we recommend either replacing VHS content by purchasing a DVD version or, in the cases where copyright law allows, contacting the Media Center for assistance with converting VHS content to DVD.

What if I need to play a VHS tape?
While the Media Center is encouraging faculty and staff to upgrade to a newer format, we can provide a portable VCR for use in any classroom that does not have an installed unit. Arrangements must be made in advance by contacting the Media Center at ext. 2590.

Rooms without VHS Playback Rooms without VHS Playback


The following rooms do not have VHS playback:

  • BL LC
  • CT 204
  • CT 206
  • LY 122
  • LY 307
  • LY 312
  • LY 313
  • OM 104
  • OM 111
  • OM 201
  • OM 203
  • OM 204
  • OM 205
  • OM 208
  • OM 214
  • OM 220
  • OM 221
  • OM 224
  • OM 225
  • OM 300
  • OM 301
  • OM 303
  • OM 310
  • OM 314
  • OM 400
  • OM 403
  • OM 408
  • OM 410
  • OM 425
  • All Science Hall Classrooms

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