Updated: 12/19/2016

Interactive Whiteboards and Displays Interactive Whiteboards and Displays


Interactive whiteboards provide a whole new level of flexibility in the classroom. By combining a projector with a whiteboard surface, a large interactive display is created, which allows for annotation over anything you can display on your computer screen.

What's Available at Canisius?
Below is a listing of the type of SMART products available at Canisius and their locations. Some of the basic differences between the 600 series and 800 series boards are explained here (PDF).

(600 Series)
  SMART Board
(800 Series)
  • Bouwhuis Library Conference Room
  • CT 203
  • CT 204
  • CT 205
  • CT 207
  • DM 101F
  • Dugan Hall Conference Room*
  • OM 308
  • OM 414
  • President's Board Room
  • Bouwhuis Library 126 Study Room*
  • Bouwhuis Library Learning Center*
  • Financial Markets Lab (OM 111)
  • Science Education Lab (SH 1004)
  • Science Hall Conference Room (SH 1017)

In order to use a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard, it must be connected to a computer with the proper software installed. All but three rooms equipped with SMART technology have a computer with the required software installed.

*The Bouhwuis Library 126 Study Room, Bouwhuis Library Learning Center, and Dugan Hall Conference Room do NOT have installed computers. A laptop with SMART Board software installed is necessary to utilize the interactive features of the equipment.

Software Information
We are running SMART Notebook version 16 on all SMART Board-equipped classrooms for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The last free version of SMART Notebook (version 11.4) is no longer available for download from the SMART website. SMART Notebook 16, however, is free to the public as a 45-day trial version. You can download it by visiting https://education.smarttech.com/products/notebook/download#trial.

SMART Ink replaces the Floating Toolbar
The floating tool bar that would normally appear on the left-side of the screen after you logged into the computer has been replaced with the SMARK Ink dynamic toolbar.

To open the toolbar, simply pick up a pen from the SMART Board's pen tray. When the toolbar first opens it will be minimized. Simply click on the toolbar to view it in full mode (pictured above).

Quick Reference Guide for SMART Ink (PDF)

More information regarding the SMART Ink dynamic toolbar can be found on SMART's Support website at: https://support.smarttech.com/docs/software/ink/ink-4/en/using/default.cshtml

Training & Support Information
While the Media Center coordinates the installation of and provides basic training & technical support for the SMART Board products on campus, you can learn more about implementing SMART Notebook by visiting SMART's YouTube channel and SMART Training Resources. If you are interested in searching for SMART Notebook lessons, visit SMART Exchange and join for free.

To schedule basic training on the use of a SMART Board contact Bob Grabowski at ext. 3278.

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