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The Media Center maintains the Canisius College Television studio. Since 2001, the TV Studio has been located on the fourth floor of Lyons Hall, in room 416. It is used by several Communications and DMA classes for instruction of video production techniques, as well as by the Canisius Video Institute, the GriffinTV television club, and the Media Center for production of videos for the college.

After undergoing a recent equipment upgrade, the television studio allows members of the Canisius College Community to create original high definition programs that can air live on campus, stream on the web, or be recorded for later editing and or duplication and distribution.

The heart of the studio is the NewTek TriCaster TCXD850, which provides production crews with the tools necessary for professional level video production, including two DDRs, graphics, and the ability to seamlessly combine standard and high definition material into the same program. Users can even use laptops, tablets and smartphones as video sources.

A unique feature of the TriCaster is its ability to utilize “virtual” sets.  Production crews can place talent in front of the TV studio’s green screen and then composite them into one of several customizable sets generated by the TriCaster. Producers can even create their own sets using Adobe Photoshop software, which is installed on many lab computers on campus.

Productions can be recorded in a variety of file formats on the TriCaster itself, or onto a separate computer running Final Cut Pro. Additionally, productions can be down converted to standard definition and recorded onto DVD or DV cassette.

The studio features a lighting grid that is populated with 12 dimmable incandescent lighting instruments, and 5 fluorescent lighting instruments. The lights can be positioned for a desired scene look or lighting effect.

Grip equipment (apple boxes, sandbags, c-stands, clamps), microphone stands, microphones (lavaliere and stick), audio and video cables, as well as two movable production monitors are in the studio, and available for use in productions. Also available for set use are several chairs, rugs, tables, artificial plants, a couch, and other miscellaneous props.

Scheduling the Studio
The television studio is available for use by members of the Canisius College community during Media Center operating hours. It can be scheduled by contacting Media Technicians Erik Michaelsen (716-888-3277, or Nathan Johnson (716-888-3279,, or by contacting Director of the Media Center Daniel Drew (716-888-2569, during Media Center operating hours.

If you are not involved in one of the previously mentioned classes or clubs, you will have to schedule an appointment prior to your use of the studio (approximately 1 hr. in duration) with one of the Media Technicians so that they may explain studio safety and operating procedures.

Equipment Highlights

  • 3 Panasonic AG-HPX300P High Definition cameras
  • NewTek TriCaster TCXD850 video production system
  • MOTU V4HD media converter
  • BetacamSP VTR
  • Mackie VLZ-1604 16 channel audio mixer
  • ETC Acclaim 100 series 12 channel lighting control board
  • Desisti incandescent lighting instruments
  • Lowel fluorescent lighting instruments
  • Kessler camera crane with remote controlled camera panning and tilting

Photos Photos

Panasonic AG-HPX300P
High Definition Camera
MOTU V4HD Media Converter
Kessler Camera Crane
Kessler Camera Crane (alternate view)


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