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Media Center
To support original projects, the Media Center maintains a supply of equipment which can be borrowed by any member of the campus community with a valid Canisius College ID card.

HD and standard definition camcorders are available, as well as digital still cameras, along with accessories such as tripods and camera lights. The Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam (USB web camera), audio recorders, microphones, cables, and additional items are also available. A complete listing of equipment that can be signed out is viewable


In addition, the Media Center also maintains a modest store of presentation equipment, such as overhead and slide projectors. Some equipment that the Media Center does not loan out is available from other offices. Review the information below or visit the Guide to Media Services for additional information regarding the media-related services provided by various departments on campus.

Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library
Equipment available for sign-out to those with a valid Canisius ID includes: LCD projectorslaptops (for students only), USB web cameras, still & video cameras, and more. More information can be found online at the Library's Circulation Policy or by calling the Circulation Desk (ext. 8412).

ZOOM Q2HD Camera Information ZOOM Q2HD Camera Information


Looking for information on ZOOM Q2HD video cameras? Select the appropriate link below for more information.

For Faculty
Cameras for Core Curriculum Video Recording

For Student Teaching
Cameras for edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) Video Recording

Staging Enabled