Updated: 4/13/2017

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Document cameras (also called visual presenters) replace the need for overhead projectors in today's classrooms. Not only can they be used for showing transparencies, they also allow for the display of non-transparent three dimensional objects.

The Media Center has been installing more document cameras in classrooms each year here at Canisius. Currently, 70+ classrooms are equipped with a document camera. Our survey findings have shown a slight increase in the use of the document camera over time. 

Media Center Classroom Technology Survey Findings
Year Number of Faculty Using Document Cameras
2009 57 out of 109 (52%)
2014 67 out of 106 (63%)
2017 66 out of 115 (57%)

A number of different document camera models are installed here at Canisius. Please use the drop down menus to find out what type of document camera is available in each room.

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