Core Curriculum Video Recording Core Curriculum Video Recording


Overview of the Equipment
The Media Center has provided three ZOOM Q2HD Handy Video Recorders for the recording of core curriculum videos. Each kit comes with a ZOOM Q2HD camera, user guide, 16 GB SD card (will record up to 2.5 hours), battery charger, and four rechargeable AA batteries (camera only requires two AAs).

Where Can I Get a Camera?
Each camera is at a different location on campus for the convenience of faculty. Contact one of the following people to make arranagements to pick up a camera.

Basic Instructions for Use

1. Press & hold the POWER button on the side of the camera to turn it on.

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Power Button

2. See the available recording time, verify that a SD card is loaded (  will appear), and check the battery life   by looking at the top of the camera's video screen. If needed, change the batteries or load a SD card into the side of the camera.

Click on the image below to zoom   Click on the image below to zoom
Slide the cover down   Replace batteries, as needed


Click on the image below to zoom   Click on the image below to zoom
Open the SD card compartment   Load the SD card, if needed

3. Press the red RECORD button to being recording. The camera's video screen will now display a red dot   in the upper left corner (indicating it is recording) and the remaining recording timer will change to an elasped recording timer and begin counting up.

Click on the image below to zoom   Click on the image below to zoom
The red RECORD button   Arrow button functions while recording

4. While recording, the left and right arrow buttons can be used to zoom in and out. The up and down arrow buttons can be used to adjust the monitoring volume (Please Note: Adjusting the monitoring volume will not impact the record level. The record level is adjusted automatically by the camera, as it should be set to "Meeting" under the INPUT/Auto Gain menu option).

5. Simply press the red RECORD button again to stop the recording.

6. Press & hold the POWER button to turn the camera off.

Additional information on the use of the ZOOM Q2HD Handy Video Recorder can be found in the user guide that comes with each camera. A downloadable version is also available below.

ZOOM Q2HD Handy Video Recorder User Guide (PDF)

Below are the recommended settings for recording.

Menu Option Recommended Setting
MIC ANGLE 120 degrees
INPUT/Lo Cut Off
INPUT/Auto Gain Meeting
INPUT/Sound Monitor Off
SETTING/Set Date Should already be set to correct day/time
SETTING/Backlight/Brightness Full
SETTING/Backlight/Power Saving On

Questions? Contact the Media Center at ext. 2590.

Need assistance during class? Contact the ITS Help Desk at ext. 8340.

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