Updated: 6/27/2017

About Classroom Capture About Classroom Capture


A classroom capture system allows for the recording of lectures, guest speakers, and presentations. The system can record video & audio of the faculty member/presenter along with non-encrypted content from the resident computer, laptop, or document camera. The Science Hall classrooms utilize either a Crestron CAPTURE-HD or CAPTURE-HD-PRO unit, while Old Main classrooms are equipped with an Extron SMP 351 capture unit. All three models of capture unit record to a USB thumb drive.

Training on the use of classroom capture can be arranged by contacting the Media Center at ext. 2590.

Should I save my recording on a USB thumb drive or USB hard drive?
USB thumb drives are recommended. While it is possible to use a USB hard drive, the capture unit does not provide sufficient power via the USB connection; the hard drive's external power supply must be used.

What format is the recording saved as? Which program should I use to play it back?
Recordings are captured in the MP4 format and can be played back on either a PC or Mac. The Media Center recommends using the VLC media player when playing back your video.

Is there a file size limit per recording?
There is a limit of 3.5 GB per file for the Extron SMP 351, while the Crestron capture units have a limit of 4.2 GB per file. Recordings are made at a resolution of 1280 x 720.

NOTE: In rooms with Crestron capture units, the "Storage Left" counter on the Classroom Capture screen indicates total time left for the USB thumb drive being used, not for the individual file being recorded.

Which rooms have classroom capture?
Two room in Old Main (OM 208 and OM 301) and three rooms over in Science Hall (SH 1004, SH 1013A, and SH 1013B) have built-in capture systems.

Instructions for Use Instructions for Use

OM 208 OM 301 SH 1004  SH 1013A SH 1013B
Capture Guide (PDF) Capture Guide (PDF) Capture Guide (PDF Capture Guide (PDF) Capture Guide (PDF)
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Formatting your USB Drive Formatting your USB Drive


The USB drive you record to will need to be formatted for the FAT 32 file system. When formatting your drive, be sure to select FAT32 under the File System drop down in the Format dialog box.

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